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Breasts for Fun: 10 Amazing Facts

Breasts for Fun: 10 Amazing Facts

Your breast may be the very reason of opposite sex chasings. That is not only the powerful weapon to use in hunting for men but it is all about your female health. The inappropriate careless behavior with your breast will cause a great deal of problems like blackheads on breasts, breast pain, breast infection or even the worst issue – breast cancer.

Women may obtain some knowledge about their boobies and even may have some knowledge about what to do with sunburn boobs but women still have to know not only how to use their main weapon against opposite sex but also how to maintain its gears. For your evaluation here some facts about your weapon you did not know:

  • Women may reach orgasm with breast stimulation only.

The sexologists conducted the research in 2011 where they got several female volunteers into FMRI (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imagining) machine and stimulated the women nipples, cervix, clitoris and vagina. The results showed that the nipple stimulation may activate the brain`s genital sensory cortex, the very same region of the brain which activates when a woman stimulates her clitoris or vaginal area.

Long story short women brains may respond to the nipple stimulation in the same way as the clitoris or vaginal stimulation. Some of the volunteers confirmed the fact that they practiced nipple play form for themselves to reach orgasm.

  • The special care is needed for the skin around your breast.

The bad things happen and if you are careless about the condition of your skin around your breast. If you are careless you can get blackheads on boobs. Blackheads are just skinless pimples. The reason of their blackness is in layer of gunk that oxidizes in your pores. For better condition of your skin around the breast use firming cream which is reach on collagen and gives you elastin growth. Vaseline may help when your nipples are dry.

  • Your boobs are unique, even one from another.

Any criminalist may say that there are no same fingerprints. Any breast physician may say that there is no same pair of breasts or even nipples. Their shape, size, nipple color is unique for every women. Furthermore, your breasts are unique from each other. One breast may sit differently on your chest or have a slightly different shape.

While slight difference in size or shape is quite normal you still should be aware of breast cancer, if you notice that one is your breasts is completely abnormal you should consult your doctor as that can be a sign for cancer.

  • It is not abnormal to have some hair on your nipples.

It is not like you are about to mutate into Chewbacca, according to statistics 17% percent of women have hair around their nipples. The color of the hair is close to the color of your natural hair color. The reason of having the nipples hair as well as blackheads on breast can be different (genes, menopause, pregnancy period…). You will have as much hair on your nipples as much you have on your body, usually the reason of that lies in your genes.

You always can shave off the nipples` hair if you desire to do it with laser or ordinary shave. If you fill that the nipples` hair is not normal for you can always consult a doctor with this issue.

  • The fake breasts are getting popularity.

According to USA statistics about 2% of female population has breasts implants. According to the same statistic the average age of getting implants for USA is 35 years. Furthermore, in South Korea breast implants is something that Korean boyfriends gives to their girlfriends as happy birthday present. But still USA holds the position as the country with the most quantity of breast implants on one person.

The bad thing is that implants may hide breast cancer. The reason is that implants close some breast tissue that make harder to a radiologist to detect abnormalities on breast.  You have to consult the doctor about how frequently to receive mammograms and make sure that your radiologist may cope with breast with implants.

  • You can get sunburn nipples even through your swimsuit on.

Ordinary swimsuit usually provides a very little SPF. So, for the protection of your weapon it`s recommended to put on a minimum of SPF 20 and make sure that it have UVB and UVA protection. Sunburn nipples are quite a problem when you are lying on the sun beach. It is advised to take some precautions when you are heading to the beach as it`s well aware that it’s better to prevent the problem then to get deal with it unarmed.

  • Can you get pimples on your breasts?

The oil glands which are between and above your breast are the perfect condition for getting not only pimples but also blackheads on breasts. Here the size of your guns may play against you as the bigger the boobs the more sweat they collect. For better protection of your guns use lotions that batter absorb liquid, professionals recommend salicylic acid toners to keep up the your breast area dry. Also always change sports bra after workout.

  • The strange case of the third nipple.

Extra nipple is fairly and real common condition. There nipples of this format can be usually found along the milk lines in the area below the normal nipples. You may not believe it but it’s quite possible to have the third nipple in different areas of your body like on your feast, hand or even your face!

Don`t be worry about that issue it’s the rare thing when the third nipple can develop breast tissue, usually because of its small size and shape it cannot be defined as a nipple itself. Nothing to worry about the third nipple, in rare cases it is connected to issue with kidney but in most cases the third nipple is harmless.

But if the third issue developed the breast tissue it may be in the danger of breast cancer. If you fill uncomfortable with the third nipple you better check your doctor.

  • Bras are the billion dollar industry.

The Bras were created in the early XX century in The Big Apple Mary Phelps Jacob patented the first bras. Here starts the story of winning marsh of the bras. In that time the only suitable undergarment for women was a corset which was very uncomfortable for the women as it was very tight. The bras crated the revolution in industry and help women to properly care about their breasts.

  • Bras have no case with breast cancer.

The diet and genetics as well as lifestyle choices like smocking, lack of exercise or drinking alcohol will invest into your risk of getting the breast cancer, choosing the bra is out of the issue. The real help with fight against breast cancer is your healthy lifestyle and regular breast exams.

Now, when you know so many interesting things about breasts, you can share this information with your friends and impress them.