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Discharges in the Period after Abortion: Important Information

Discharges in the Period after Abortion: Important Information

Any surgery does not go unnoticed. Unwanted pregnancy and the desire to get rid of it sometimes leads to negative consequences. Women often face a problem as a result of abortion violated the menstrual cycle and it may be no period.

Technology of Abortion

Any abortion – medical, vacuum, or classical curettages is an unplanned intervention of aggressive nature. In the first case, the fertilized egg is a single whole with the wall of the uterus, is displayed by means of chemicals. In the other two it is separated from the wall by means of surgical instruments. The doctor first task is to reduce the risk of infection and help prevent serious complications. One wrong move can cause excessive bleeding.

It's not just surgery, but also in the fact that making an abortion, you drastically fluctuates your hormones. Sometimes this leads to that observed after abortion or heavy periods after abortion.

Restoration of the menstrual cycle does not always happen by itself. Therefore assigns special preparations gynecologist. In any event, supervision by a doctor during the first 2-3 months after the abortion is necessary.

Discharges: the Norm and Deviation

It is important to check with your doctor when starting the first period after the abortion, so as not to confuse him with other secretions. It should be taken into account the method, which was used for pregnancy interruption by pregnancy:

In medical abortion the fertilized egg does not split up by a scalpel but spontaneously peels from the walls of the uterus. Therefore, discharges should be observed for at least 10 days before the remains of the embryo is not fully come out. If they have a light pink color it is nothing to worry about.

Gradually, they will go to daub and come to naught. Yet, observation of gynecologist is desirable. Full month after medical abortion should be available exactly when you would expect them without chemical intervention.

Vacuum cleaning involves a small amount of bleeding, which will begin a few days after surgery. Do not confuse them with menstruation. This is the inevitable consequences of the intervention, which lasts 10 days, in principle, nothing abnormal about them.

The gynecologist will advise you in this period of good sleep, refused to excessive physical exertion, alcohol, cigarettes, coffee and dark chocolate, and regularly measure the temperature of the body. If the discharge had become too abundant, or changed the color to bright red, you should immediately notify your doctor. In the absence of complications after two weeks you still need to be surveyed by making ultrasound.

Elimination of pregnancy by surgical abortion is the most dangerous to the health of the female body. After surgery, you need to carefully monitor their health, character and color selections. It is possible that spotting will accompany you for a month. Worse if it disappeared after a couple of days.

This may indicate hematometra, which is a consequence of spasm of the cervix. If you have heavy bleeding is also an urgent need to seek medical help. It is quite possible that the curettage was not completely satisfied.

Often, when the post-abortion menses come, they bring with them the infection.  The infection can be recognized by specific smell, yellowish clots and discomfort in the vagina. These symptoms require immediate professional assistance.

When the Period after Abortion Begins

Now let's talk about when it comes periods after abortion. If you talk about a full menstruation and not of excreta, here, too, it should be classified according to the type of cleaning.

  • The easiest way is period after medical abortion is almost immediately begins, as the fertilized egg releases. Sometimes one cycle is passed, but the next everything goes according to schedule. Just keep in mind that this method of abortion is a risk that the particles remain the embryo in the uterus.
  • The most unpredictable period is after mini-abortion - a method of vacuum aspiration is able to slow down the flow of blood for several months. For example, if you have not given birth, the critical days may not occur, and six months later.  The rehabilitation period of women who gave birth is reduced to 3-4 month. The most dangerous thing that increases the risk of becoming pregnant again. Therefore, a gynecologist after the operation, along with antibiotics prescribes oral contraceptives. The norm also in this situation is to restore the cycle a month.
  • Classic curettage may well damage the basal layer of the endometrium, menstruation does not occur within a few months. And it depends not so much on the skill of the doctor during surgery, but also on how strict you have completed all of its provisions later. Remember to go back to the sexual life after the surgical abortion can be no earlier than a month. Ideally, you want to wait for the arrival of menstruation, taking antibiotics, visit a gynecologist and then have an intimate relationship.

From this you can draw a few conclusions: normal recovery cycle is one month after the abortion. If the critical days did not come, you should see a doctor. When you have the yellow discharge with an unpleasant odor, as well as pain in the abdomen, it may signal of the genital infections.

Three Words about Contraceptives

Doctors believe that it is better to drink hormones 5 years, than once a year have an abortion. Often it is the termination of pregnancy causes a woman to think about contraception. Immediately after surgery, gynecologist will prescribe COC, which should begin to take on the same day. Thus, you will be able to accelerate the rehabilitation period, and thus avoid a repeat unwanted pregnancy and reduce the risk of infection.

When you go back to the sexual life, you will combine the pills with barrier contraceptives. However, oral contraceptives are considered as most effective. It is best to begin taking COCs now, to avoid abortion and its possible consequences. And let your pregnancy be desired.

Periods after abortion – when do they start, and whether they are dependent on the methods of abortion? This question is very concerned about women, more likely, not because of fear for their health, but because of the fear of getting pregnant again. Also, when periods begin after abortion appears a kind of psychological assurance that the pregnancy has indeed been terminated and all right. So what are waiting for the girls, and in this case is the norm, and that the pathology?

Day of abortion is considered the first day of the menstrual cycle. Although it also happens that after an abortion is not monthly, then there is no bleeding. Much depends on the individual features of a woman and, of course, how well was carried out "cleansing". If the uterus remains a part of the fetus, the placenta, the period will be long and heavy. In this case, you need a cleaning of the uterus.

This complication often occurs when the abortion was carried out for a longer period (more than 8 weeks). About the same problems indicate plentiful monthly after mini abortion. Sometimes heavy bleeding may provoke heavy exercise and sex.

Therefore, even those women who do not have any secretions or they are very scarce, better a few days after the abortion to comply with bed rest and approximately 1-2 weeks to limit physical activity. It should also be noted that the period after medical abortion is always abundant and relatively long (lasting up to 10 days).

This is due to the fact that in this case, in fact, miscarriage occurs; the endometrium is peeled gradually rather than instantaneously as in the curettage. During a very heavy bleeding the uterus it makes cleaning preparations.

The following periods are already full periods after the abortion beginning in 28-35 days after the procedure. If after 35 days from the operation the menstruation does not come, you should do a pregnancy test (if there were sexual contact) and go to the reception to the gynecologist.

By the way, you can get pregnant after 1-2 weeks after the abortion, and therefore to normalize hormonal levels, and for contraception doctor prescribes to patients at least 3-4 months drink the pill.

Such an appointment is made, of course, if they do not have contraindications, after anamnesis. Starting to drink tablets can be immediately after the abortion, considering this day the first day of the cycle. If any extra problem occurs after the abortion you should pay visit to a doctor.