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How Artificially Delay the Period (Menstruation)?

How Artificially Delay the Period (Menstruation)?

As it always happen, the menstruation often coincides with the long-awaited vacation. But not everyone knows that the period may be delayed or "pushed". There are two officially sanctioned way to delay the onset of menstruation. They are used by athletes before the competition, by the artists during difficult shooting and even female astronauts.

The first method to delay the period is drinking combined oral contraceptives, or COCs. The second way to hold the period is taking progestin, or gestin which, for example, is administered by women with amenorrhea, and treatment of endometriosis.

How to delay the onset of the period (menstruation) by using combined oral contraceptives?

The best option is the one you are already taking – combined oral contraceptives (COCs). If your monophasic pills just do not make the break – finish one pack and immediately start another. The contraceptive effect in this case is saved.

Basically, for moving away the period you can begin taking monophasic COCs with starting of any day of the cycle (but not later than 3 days prior to the alleged critical days). Do not forget that in this case, contraception is not guaranteed! Menstruation begins within 2-3 days after you finish the pack.

It is better to take care of everything in advance and start drinking COCs at least one cycle before the alleged menstruation. How to delay the onset of menses (menstruation) with the help of progestins? Progestin formulations are commonly used for elongation cycle. They are to start to drink for 14 days, at least – for 5 days before the expected date.

It is necessary to finish the course on the day when you are expecting the end of menstruation, and then for 1-3 days before it will begin. If you want to use this method, be sure to consult your doctor beforehand.

Push your Period Only under Medical Supervision!

If you want to hold period discharges, you should not make a decision without consulting a gynecologist-endocrinologist. First, the expert has to assess whether you have problems with blood clotting, everything is in order with the heart, blood vessels and the liver; it is particularly important to know if a woman is over 35 years old and doesn’t smoke – a risk factor for blood clots.

There are more than 200 species of COCs, the dosage of hormones is different in all. If you take them wrongly, the contraceptive effect will be lost, and not all of us remember that. And most importantly, manipulation with the change of cycle, pushing the period dates should not be a habit, but rare episodes in the life.

Dicynonum to Delay Menstruation

Some women use Dicynonum. Is it unhealthy?

Like other hemostatics preparations, Dicynonum affects the blood vessel paries.  It is not intended to stop menstruation. You can use Dicynonum only when absolutely necessary. There were no researches on this subject, therefore, no one can  assure it would be no consequences for your health.

Other Ways to Artificially Push your Period

What about folk medicine? Vitamin C in large doses, broth with parsley, lemon for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Such methods can be suitable for one and be suitable for other. The doctors may say how to delay your period with ibuprofen as it is medicine and there have been medical researchers. As about folk methods, vitamin C strengthens the walls of blood vessels and can reduce the discharge to some extent.

Evidence-based medicine does not say anything about the effect of lemon and parsley on menstruation; researches have not been conducted on this subject, but there is a lot of vitamin C in these foods. And if there are no problems with digestion, of course, you can try these methods.

If manipulating nature does not work, we go swimming with tampons! Doctors do not recommend. You should not go swimming during the active phase of the discharge. At this time, the cervix ​​expanded and mucosa is not protected. Infections, sexually transmitted infections can be easily caught and the risk for ascending bacterial infection is also high.  

Menstruation is a confirmation of women's health; however, it brings a lot of trouble sometimes.  Most often, women are beginning to study sites with a question – how to hold the period for a few days / week, and so on. It is because they have long-awaited vacation or a solemn event very soon and menstruation can spoil the event.  In such a situation, even a day's delay may prove salutary.

Is it Dangerous to Delay Menses?

You may have not known, but yes, it is not as good and safe as may seem. Just consider:

You can generally lose menstruation for several months. If you voluntarily decide to take a hormonal drug, you should know that it sometimes turns into serious health problems; so think twice before searching for how Ibuprofen works to stop period or does ibuprofen stop your period. Do you know that you should use 800mg of it every 8 hours before 2 weeks of onset of menses?

You should take into account your age, condition of the body and lifestyle. If you are over 35 years old, you smoke or are prone to thrombosis, taking birth control pills to delay the period for a couple of days is strictly forbidden.

This can be done only on prescription. If you have the cardiovascular or liver diseases, you strictly contraindicated from the pills to delay the onset of menses. As you see, you can ask your doctor for another drug or try homemade methods – lemon and parsley. They will not inflict a crushing blow to the health of your female reproductive organs.

Tricks that Really Work!

One of the best medicine methods of delaying the period is the Ibuprofen. Does Ibuprofen stop period? Actually, it does! Use 800mg of it every 8 hours for two weeks before the starts of period.

There are two safe methods to delay the arrival of critical days:

  1. The soup with the root parsley. This greenery has an anti-inflammatory effect; however, it can push the flow of blood for several days. You can drink warm broth without restrictions. Disadvantage of the method – it does not always work.
  2. A big dose of vitamin C. It is not harmless. But this method of delaying the period for one day is more effective. Experienced women recommend eating 2 pieces of lemon per day for two days before the anticipated critical days. Vitamin C strengthens blood vessels, postpones menstruation and make a discharge less abundant. Citrus fruit can be replaced with 15 tablets of ascorbic acid. But it can be done only if you know exactly that you do not have allergies and health problems.

If you ask for advice about these techniques from your doctor, you likely will not get a specific answer. The official medicine does not recognize folk recipes. Therefore, by applying them, you take responsibility for yourself.

Delay Your Period with the Help of Medicine

Honestly, the pills cope with the task to hold the period for a few days more efficiently. But this method has many pitfalls. In particular, these are hormonal drugs, which anyway affect health. Therefore, you can use contraceptives or progestins only after your doctor’s advice. Here are four options for medical deferment of critical days:

If you take a monophasic pill, then just do not do the planned seven-day break. In this case, you will not need additional funds of protection. If you take three-phase contraceptives and start a new pack, take a pill on the third phase.

If you do not drink the COC, then, if necessary, to hold the period for a week, begin to take them for 3 days prior to menstruation. In this case, the pills play the role of hemostatics, but not the contraceptive.

Use progestin drugs for a 100% guarantee of a delay. Take them monthly. The method is used only with the permission of the doctor. Progestins are taken from the middle of the cycle (2 weeks before the critical days) to the end of it. You have to stop taking them during menstruation and then skip a couple of days during the cycle too (after menstruation).

There is another drug – Dicynonum. It can be used maximum once a year, after examination by a gynecologist. These tablets strengthen the paries of blood vessels, so their technique is fraught with the formation of blood clots. Even a doctor cannot say with certainty whether the use Dicynonum is harmless or serious consequences will be a result.

Ibuprofen can also be used for delaying your period. Does ibuprofen stop periods? Sure, it does.  Use 800mg of it every 8 hours for two weeks before the start of the period.

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