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How to Make your Period End Faster or Cause a Delay of Period Safely for Health?

How to Make your Period End Faster or Cause a Delay of Period Safely for Health?

A woman of childbearing age knows what day of the month she should start menstruating. When there is a delay for a few days, the first thought that may arise is a pregnancy. But if women used contraceptives and pregnancy test shows a negative result, the question arises – what causes the delay of the period?!

Why You Don’t Have Your Period and Your Pregnancy Test is Negative?

When girls begin active sexual life, the issue of the absence of the period rises very sharply. In this case, there may be many reasons for this phenomenon, and every woman should know them in time to react and take action.

  1. Gestation. Dismisses version with a negative pregnancy test, without going through the diagnosis, it is not necessary. So, you need to go through ultrasound examinations and tests that will confirm or disprove your hypothesis. Experienced gynecologist by visual inspection of genitals, even without tests, can determine pregnancy in the first week.
  2. Changes in diet or environmental conditions. If there are changes in diet, it is also likely to shift or make your period end faster. Especially, it happens in the application of various strict diets. The lack of incoming food leaves body is under stress, which manifests itself as a lack or disorder in the periodicity of menstruation. Climatic conditions or changing of the time zone also have impact on the work of the body - it goes adaptation. If there are no period precisely because of such reasons, nothing wrong with that.  It’s the adaptation of the organism to new conditions, the cycle must be restored.
  3. Hormonal failure. It is difficult to diagnose how the female body can react to some kind of disturbance in the hormonal background. All processes of the reproductive system occur under the influence of the main hormones - estrogen and progesterone. Failure can lead not only to a violation of menstrual cycle, and even cause certain diseases.

Diseases May Lead to Delay of Menstruation

  • A cyst is one of the ovaries, may manifest not only the changes of cycle or no menstruation, but drawing pains in the abdomen and lower back. If you have follicular cyst, it may disappear on its own decision within two - three months, and the cycle will be restored. If the pain does not pass, and the cycle is not restored within two to four months, should consult a doctor as cyst rupture may face very unpleasant consequences;  
  • Inflammatory processes in the ovaries or fallopian tubes is  caused by infectious diseases, or hypothermia may appear in too painful feelings and lack of menstruation;
  • Primary or secondary amenorrhea. The absence of menstruation throughout life is called the primary. If there are no periods of three months or more - is secondary amenorrhea, the cause of which can be covered in the pathology of building genitals or their changes under the influence of inflammatory processes which cause the question how to end your period fast ;
  • Tumor formation in one of the departments of the reproductive system is manifest the same symptoms;
  • Sexually transmitted diseases have a great impact on the work of the genital organs - they may cause disorder of the menstrual cycle and make your period end sooner;
  • Delaying of menstruation can be attributed to disorders of the endocrine system.

Insufficient Weight or Overweight

Overweight or excessive thinness become a cause of failure in the periodicity of menstruation. These cases can be attributed to hormonal disorders as obesity provokes the appearance of excess estrogen. The lack of weight weakens body and confuses all its functions. In these cases, the normalization of weight will lead to restoration of the menstrual cycle.

Stressful Situations and Heavy Exercise

These factors have a big impact on an adequate job of the reproductive system. Stress can be attributed not only psychological trauma but also emotional overload, inadequate sleep, moral chronic fatigue. Excessive exercise like lifting weights, back-breaking sports activities, chronic physical fatigue of the body.

Reactions to Medications

Any hormone, including contraception, anti-inflammatory, anabolic, psychotropic and other drugs may affect the reproductive system and cause a delay in or absence of menstruation. In such circumstances, you need to appeal to the specialist for replacement or full cancellation of a drug.


At the age of 40-45, every woman has a reduction of reproductive function that can lead to irregular periods. This is quite normal. Delayed menstruation can occur even for a number of reasons:

  • an artificial or spontaneous abortion;
  • intoxication by toxic substances;
  • emergency contraception;
  • heredity and others.

In some cases, it is necessary to see a doctor.

To the doctor can be accessed in any case of disturbing, but, unfortunately, not all women adhere to this rule. But there are situations where the absence of menstruation visit to the gynecologist is required:

  • at the long delay for no apparent reason, and negative pregnancy test;
  • a pathological secretions, accompanied by itching and pain in the abdomen and lower back;
  • for women over the age of 15-16 years;
  • by prolonged taking any medications;
  • if you can’t cope with a stressful situation on your own;
  • annual visit to a gynecologist  is insurance for every woman from complications arising diseases and neglect.

How to Make Your Period End Sooner?

How to end your period fast, if, for example, on the horizon flashed vacation days, and so you do not want at this time to feel uncomfortable? It is possible by virtue of medication or folk remedies, but whether to set a timetable to shoot down the menstrual cycle?

How to Make Your Period End Sooner

Keep in mind that adjusting the cycle of menstruation, you invade oiled machine of the whole organism, and such interference in the future may come back to haunt negative consequences.

To zoom in you can use the monthly hormonal contraception, following the instructions for use, which can be specified on this issue. The mechanism of the drug based on the impact on the overall hormonal balance.

Estrogen is produced in the first half of the menstrual cycle and progesterone, which are working on the conservation of a fertilized egg - in the second. With a significant predominance of progesterone without fertilization occurs rejection mucosa - month period. Therefore, to call them at the right time for you, it is necessary to increase artificially.

Another problem is faced by women when they came to ways to make their period end sooner is to postpone or delay it. This question may be concerned when an unwanted pregnancy, or for pain menstrual period. In such cases also take stimulating acceleration of drugs or turn to traditional medicine.

Drugs and pills, causing your period end faster and start sooner.  The best option is to learn how to make your period end faster or delay it  - is to consult with a specialist about the choice of the drug, as some have their contraindications.

Dufaston, Pulsatilla or some other oral contraceptives are commonly taken in such cases.

Dufaston for the Menstruation Delay

Hormonal drug Dufaston can be assigned to delay a menstruation by doctor. This drug makes up for it with the hormone progesterone deficiency. Do not take this tool to interrupt unwanted pregnancies, as well as periods may not start, and the damage to health will suffer.

Pulsatilla with the Delay Menstruation

Homeopathic medicine Pulsatilla is made on the basis of natural raw materials and is available in granular form. This means doctors often prescribe for delays menstruation, but in the absence of pregnancy. To normalize the cycle should take the drug for a long time. 6 pellets placed under the tongue until complete resumption, twice a day, morning and evening. Note that some foods – chocolate, coffee, alcohol, tea, significantly reduces the effect of the homeopathic remedy.

Oral Contraceptives

There are a large number of combination contraceptives, available as tablets – they are analogous to the female hormone progesterone. Drugs may be prescribed, in particular, and in violation of the cycle – they help to restore it. The most commonly used are Silest and Marvelon.

These tools facilitate painful periods and reduce their duration, as well as help with their delay. Apply them to according to the recommendations of your gynecologist.

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