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How to stop your period by pills or folk methods?

How to stop your period by pills or folk methods?

Women, who have typical childbearing period, have a real phenomenon of menstruation on a certain day of the cycle, which can be compared with a sudden and rapid attack of snow in winter. The period becomes a vital and integral of women life from the moment they enter adolescence, and they should not be afraid of this period, but if only it does not deviate from the established norms.

For example, when for one girl the period is very long and abundant, for another one it does not take even five days and there is no need of frequent change of hygiene pads. Nevertheless, the situation may change.

If every period is very abundant and long

If the first day of menstruation begins with copious, do not worry about it, because it is nothing like your natural features. There is no need in the use of tablets and other medicines, as in this case, you will achieve nothing, but a failure of the cycle, or something worse.

You deal with question how to make your period stop, but is it worth trying that?

The right approach is the completion of the body's essential minerals, vitamins and trace elements, the ones that are eliminated from your body with blood during menstruation. If still there is exhaustion, soreness or some other unpleasant consequences, you should consult a physician-gynecologist. The skilled specialist will appoint a course of therapy, which is very effective and will reduce the sensitivity during menstruation.

The first day of menstruation should be more copious than other days, but you must stop the period, if you have uterine bleeding.

If the development of period deviates from the norm

If such phenomena as profusion and long terms were not previously observed, it is time to get worried. In any case, you cannot stop visiting the doctor, inasmuch as all this has gained the status of "malaise" that is characteristic for various illnesses or their development.

This is especially alarming for those who have to change the hygiene pad every thirty minutes, because of the large amount of blood. In such cases, examine must immediately call an ambulance and there should be no delays, as it is a very essential and dangerous matter. Typically, such indications happen after suffering grievous injury or illness.

How can I stop my period?

Is it possible to remove or at least postpone the period? This question comes to mind, perhaps, of every woman. And for that, you cannot reproach them. Indeed, living through this period, women are overwhelmed with lots of different emotions, because their hormones are not in norm. Though, not each time is it so bad.

Apparently, this method really exists. Your friends talked about that a lot, it was shown in the programs, or written in super fashion magazines. In addition, we all know that athletes had long practiced it before the competition. However, in reality?

In any case, it is a failure to  induce a cycle without the knowledge of your doctor. And even if you are going to do it with the help of an experienced specialist, then this must be a good reason. And the words "good reason" mean that it is a situation in which there is an actual need to take such a risk, and a considerable one.

So such reasons as "tomorrow I want to put on the white dress" are “NO” reasons at all. It is not advisable to "endure" the flow of blood, which is to begin on a certain day of the cycle "later". Typically, it could be just any disease. And such a disruption of the cycle should take place only under the supervision of your doctor. No other way!

How to get rid of your period?

The stoppage the period cannot be possible in any way, except of the period of 9 months, when a woman is pregnant. You can use certain drugs or folk remedies. But there is no such method as to stop your period for few hours.

So searching of the miracle pill that could save you from the natural need is the same as if you were trying to make fire from pieces of ice. But the normalization of this process, making it faster and less sensitive, is really possible:

Contraception as tablets / capsule

Taking oral contraceptives may slow down the period, reduce the amount of bleeding for one or more days, and eliminate discomfort. However, this method is discouraged by physicians, since it adversely affects the health. Another negative manifestation of using medicines is that women do not make breaks between courses of these tablets, and in the best occasion, it can result as a hormonal crash.

But the problems may be far more serious. For women, taking oral contraceptives, and then abandoning them would negatively affect the natural cycle, which may not return for many months.


This implies an active lifestyle that includes exercise, regular sexual life and joie de vivre. In order to carry out the necessary body exercise it is not necessary to lift heavy weights in gyms. It is enough to do gymnastics, yoga, arrange a jogging outdoors or cycle-cross, and something of the kind.

Proper food intake

This method requires a healthy diet. Eating is necessary not only qualitatively, but also regularly. Notwithstanding, there would be hardly invented at least a single diet, which would help in this vital and delicate matter. Commonly, they do more harm than good.

How can I stop my period?

The doctors recommend medical and folk remedies. How to stop period by using drugs? The most effective drugs are:

  • Vikasol

This preparation fills the body with vitamin "K", which is responsible for blood clotting in the body. Lack of vitamin "K" is one of the reasons for the abundant selection. Exclusively a gynecologist must appoint it. Otherwise, you can sufficiently harm your organism. "Vikasol" is synthesized in the laboratory with vitamin K, which is responsible for the formation of prothrombin that normalizes blood clotting.

The lack of this vitamin leads to prolonged bleeding. When monthly used, this medication reduces the amount of heavy discharge, but it is not recommended to take it consistently, because it does not express a lasting effect. If the month is not abundant, the reception will help to stop it at the beginning. It is much safer than COCs.

  • Tranexam

This preparation, even in case, it does not stop the period for a day, it would still help to stabilize the flow ability. It may be in the form of tablets or injections. During prolonged and heavy menstrual bleeding, "Tranexam" can help. It is a preparation of new generation, which is assigned in the form of pills and injections, according to testimony.

Answering the question "Does Tranexam help stop period?", you can say that it definitely makes them less abundant and long. The daily dose of "Tranexam" is not more than 500 mg.

  • Etamsylate

The drug is used exclusively to stop bleeding. It is appointed in cases of abundant discharge.  Etamsylate is targeted to stop menstruation. Commonly, it taken while heavy bleeding, and it does not delay or postpone the cycle. It helps to reduce uterine secretions. In occasions of the emergency treatment it is prescribed in the form of tablets for monthly usage.

This preparation greatly strengthens blood vessels and stops the bleeding, and stimulates the production of platelets. Typically, breakthrough bleeding stops within 15 minutes after the injection. Contraindications to receiving the preparation "Etamsylate" are thrombosis and anticoagulation. Domestic analogues of this tool are cheaper, but are identical in composition with "Dicynonum."

  • Duphaston

This is something other than a synthesized hormone, which is as good as really natural means. It is used to prevent excessive bleeding during menstruation.

How to stop a period, using folk remedies?

Folk remedies as well as medications are widely practiced in this matter.

The best results bring:

  • Nettles. It has long been used to treat bleeding. In the case of problematic menstruation, it is used as a decoction. It can be used in uterine bleeding.
  • Honey. It promotes early arrival of menstruation. It should be consumed a week before the cycle. Menstruation begins a few days earlier.
  • Parsley. Its action is similar to the effect of honey. It is also used a week before the cycle.
  • Lemon. But its properties are able to help not every female. Plus, it is contraindicated if there is an ulcer, gastritis and other diseases of the stomach and intestines. A large dose of vitamin C can cause harmful events.

Be extremely careful while using each of the listed preparations and treatments.

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