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All about Ovulation Process. The Time of ovulation and how to define it

All about Ovulation Process. The Time of ovulation and how to define it

When ovulation occurs, the follicle is formed in the gap through which the egg is released and begins to move through the fallopian tube to the uterus. At this time it may happen fertilization otherwise – death within 12-24 hours.

The normal rhythm of ovulation

Healthy woman is able to conceive which means that her body is on regular ovulation since the start of the first menstrual cycle, during which time ovulation rate remains constant, undergoing changes only after 40 years, that is, after the beginning of training the body to premenopausal.

Usually, if the menstrual cycle is stable, the egg begins to prepare to leave the mature follicle every 21-35 days, although slight deviations are permitted and which are considered to a certain extent the norm.

Methods for determining ovulation

Tactile method will help identify signs of ovulation rather subjective indicators. It is known that on the eve of the process and during the passage of discharge from the cervix become less viscous, so that, having tracked this factor, the woman can with some degree of confidence to determine whether it is ready to conceive.

The second method has long been considered the most reliable and was used in the first place. This is – the method of measuring the basal temperature. How do you know that ovulation has occurred? Requires every day for a month to measure, without getting out of bed, rectal temperature (in the rectum), and on the basis of the data to make the schedule.

On the day of ovulation temperatures, relatively flat in the remaining days is fixed at the lowest level, and the next day increases. It will take "monitoring" 1-2 menstrual cycles to ensure the accuracy of schedule and with a probability of at least 90% preparing to conceive.

Modern, comfortable, practical test indicator allows women to quickly and accurately determine the condition of the egg. The test responds to the high content of hormones, and the production of which indicates the beginning of the process, and valid indications ovulation he can detect in the urine, and saliva.

When ovulation does not occur

If there is the absence of ovulation, even if there is confidence in the absence of pregnancy? Yes, this is possible. Often the reason is the dysfunction of the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian system or stressful situations, sometimes the problem is caused by inflammation of the genitals, some systemic diseases, thyroid dysfunction, or adrenal tumors of the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus.

The disease of this kind is called an anovulation and in 100% is the cause of female infertility, so if you do not find any violations you have a need to go to the gynecologist to find out the specific cause and get proper treatment.

Signs of Ovulation

Short-term pain in the lower abdomen is the first signs of the beginning of the subjective process of ovulation in the female body. How to identify ovulation hereinafter symptoms manifest more objectively - vaginal discharge becomes more intense performance basal (rectal) temperature decrease on the day of ovulation and rise the next day, plasma levels of progesterone increases.

The process of "maturation" egg may be postponed. It is known that during pregnancy the maturation of the new ready-to-fertilization of eggs does not happen, but when this is an important step for every woman remains behind, there is a new and no less important question: when ovulation after childbirth?

Experts note that the menstrual cycle begins to recover within 3-10 weeks after delivery, but it occurs against the backdrop of anovulation. It will take at least 6 weeks - 3 months to this function fully recovered, although there are pathological cases and the lack of ovulation, and for six months after birth.

Another issue exhilarating women's concerns is ovulation after abortion. As practice shows, the problem is very serious: for the conception and planning to prevent the next pregnancy, it is important to know what is normal ovulation occurs within the first 4 weeks, and it does not matter whether the interruption of artificial or spontaneous. Another 2 weeks later returned to menses and set the normal menstrual cycle and you have the ovulation after medical abortion.

The help to ovulation

In addition to artificial stimulation, which is appointed by the doctor after a thorough examination, no other way exists to help ovulation fails. The most important thing is to know when ovulation occurs after a month, and regularly attempt conception.

For reference: the human, unlike animals not too fertile, healthy woman and each month has only 1 out of 3 chance of getting pregnant, and this probability decreases significantly with age.

And only competent approach to business, armed with the necessary knowledge and skill to the last cell of your body feel, carefully sorting out in all its internal processes, will help to cope with any challenge.

Finally: a few important facts about ovulation

Firstly, on the day of ovulation, the probability of conception is as much as 33%, that is a maximum. On the day before a mature ovum, the probability reaches 31%, and for 2 days before it is 27%, which is also an excellent performance. 5 days before ovulation and the day after her chance of successful conception vanishingly small.

Second, some studies have shown that literacy calculation flow of the menstrual cycle, which allows to know exactly how many days of ovulation, not only determines the optimum time for fertilization, but also the probability of conceiving a child of the desired sex.

Third, planning a pregnancy, and focusing on the cycle, you should not have sex only on the day of ovulation. It is inefficient, because the term "life" of the sperm is at least a week, so even if they were in the fallopian tube for 5-6 days until cooked egg to conceive, the probability of pregnancy is also very high.

Facts about ovulation after abortion

After the interruption of pregnancy the normal condition of the body must completely, therefore, returned to the menstrual cycle. The body again every month produces an egg, ovulation occurs. Unfertilized gamete comes out naturally. When starting the full period after the abortion?

This is the question that most frequently asked by women after the procedure. Normalization cycle is confidence in the successful completion of the operation; confirm that the pregnancy has indeed been terminated. In addition, there is a fear of getting pregnant again and just do not know about it.

Consider the construction of cycle of menstruation after the procedure. It is believed that the day of the abortion - the first day of the new period. The result will be the process of reducing the wall of the uterus to its normal state.

Sometimes right after the manipulation appear discharges, sometimes a couple of days, there are cases when there is no discharge. All three variants are the norm, depending on how severe it was during the interruption period, and how well the procedure was performed.

Complications in the form of abundant secretions, and sometimes bleeding, most often found in the big time. There is a significant chance that the uterus remains a part of the fetus and placenta. Through these secretions body tries to get rid of them naturally.

The cycle is repeated after 28-35 days after treatment interruption, which is the normal period for the recovery of the body. The normal ovulation after abortion appears on 14-17 day. If after this time nothing happens, we advise you to consult your gynecologist. There can be several reasons for this. If you have had unprotected sex, there is a high probability of re-conception.

By the way, some doctors avoid explaining such a situation; they often offer their patients a 3-4 month course of contraceptive drugs.

Firstly, it normalizes hormonal balance of the body, and secondly, it will deliver more fragile body from unnecessary stress. Appointment of drugs is carried out only by the attending physician who will take into account the individual characteristics of the organism.

Do not self - do not hurt yourself! You can start taking pills on the day after the abortion. Simply protect themselves than then proceed to difficult decisions and to force the body to re-abortion.

And most importantly, the passage of ovulation after abortion depends on the next menstrual period, and not on when the previous one ends. It is important not to make a mistake in calculating the time!


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