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Some Problems after Menstruation: How to Cope and Manage Them

Some Problems after Menstruation: How to Cope and Manage Them

Any woman has her own menstrual period. It is a well-known fact that such bleeding means the proper functioning of the reproductive system. A variety of failures may indicate the development of pathologies. If there is no period bleeding at all it clearly demonstrates fait accompli fertilization.

The arrival of menstruation is accompanied by a lot of inconvenience. This is particularly important in the case when coming on the eve of a very important event in the life of a girl, in connection with which she wants to postpone the start of menstruation. How to postpone your period without harm to health? Let us consider in more detail.

What is Menstruation?

Every woman, who is capable of giving birth to a child, knows what menstruation is. Usually a period bleeding appears when girl is upon reaching her age from 11 to 14 years. This phenomenon marks the beginning of the most important physiological processes in the body of the fair half of mankind. Without it, it would be impossible to conceive a child.

Menstruation marks that the girl achieves puberty. Bleeding appears regularly in obedience to a particular cycle. The ideal cycle time is the time of full moon passing during all of its phases (27-29days). Of course, in today's world, a rare woman can boast of such regularity, because this process is influenced by many different factors:

  • stress;
  • ecology;
  • heredity;
  • climate;
  • nationality and others.

Every gynecologist advises to patient carefully maintain the appearance of menstruation calendar. To do this, mark the days of the start of the period bleeding and the end day.

The duration of discharge also varies, ranging from 3 to 7 days. Once again, it should be noted that small fluctuations in these terms should not be considered as a pathology, it’s influenced by the individual characteristics of every individual organism.

Recommended Methods to Postpone your Period

Usually it is applied before the major competitions by athletes, actors, and even by women to fly in the space.

They are:

  • taking of combined oral contraceptives (COCs);
  • taking of  progestins or progestogens that are used to control endometriosis and amenorrhea.

These drugs are commonly available without prescription, but it is more expedient to consult your gynecologist on this matter.

Combined Oral Contraceptives

The most harmless option to postpone period is when a woman is already taking these drugs. If the tablets are recommended by your gynecologist, to achieve the effect is only necessary to continue taking the drug without a break under instruction. Birth control pills with the properties of such a scheme are fully preserved.

If you prefer a three-phase embodiment, the tablet should be taken only on the third phase. This can delay the start of menstruation, but to avoid an unplanned conception is better to use additional forms of protection, such as the barrier type.

As a rule, to change the date of menstruation, you can start taking a combined oral contraceptive on any day of the reproductive cycle. But this must happen no later than 3 days prior to the planned period. Note that this method does not protect against pregnancy.

Menstruation begins in a few days after taking the tablets.  The greatest effect on how to postpone a period can be achieved by taking medication in advance, for at least one cycle prior to the planned delay. Many women are afraid of long-term use of COCs. However, recent medical studies have shown that the continuous intake of these drugs, lasting for 60-80 days, no adverse effects on the body.


These drugs are usually employed for the purpose of elongation intermenstrual cycle. To achieve this goal you should start in advance of their appointment. Better to do it in two weeks, at least - for 5 days prior to menstruation.

On the day of the "X" medication is stopped, whereby it is possible to push back "the critical days" for a certain time. The described method can be used only with the consent and under the close supervision of a gynecologist in order to avoid negative impacts.

Medical Control to Postpone the Period

If for any reason you need to postpone menstruation, it is mandatory to agree this issue with the gynecologist. He holds a number of diagnostic procedures during which determines:

  • the process of blood clotting;
  • the cardiovascular system;
  • No violations of the kidneys.

It is particularly important to establish the state of health of women who have reached the age of 35. This helps prevent the formation of thrombus using the above formulations. As for combined oral contraceptives, there does not dispense with the expert. The modern pharmaceutical industry produces more than two hundred different types of these products, differing types and dosage of hormones.

Wrong reception of any of them leads to a violation of the contraceptive effect. Their application to postpone period generally should be made only in exceptional cases.

How to Skip Your Period Naturally with Folk Medicine

In addition to drugs that delay the menses the folk methods may be in use. This is usually products with containing in its composition vitamin C – eat parsley, for example. Vitamin of the group after entering the woman's body is able to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, which contributes to delay period naturally.

This method is effective for the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, who monitor their cycles and can safely call the period of onset of the next menstrual bleeding. And that number should not move in one direction or another.

In order to achieve the desired result you must be 7 days before the estimated monthly to drink a thick broth of chopped parsley. A good substitute for named plant is ascorbic acid, which helps to achieve a similar result. But this method has serious side effects: the development of gastritis due to the constant irritation of the mucous membrane of the stomach vitamin C.

On the contrary, when it is necessary to menstruation stopped as soon as possible, a popular drug is better to use the date of the onset of bleeding. This reduces the duration of 2-3 days.

An ordinary lemon, in addition to parsley, helps to postpone menstruation. It needs to be there for 5 days before menstruation without any sweeteners. Regardless of the desired effect, the above method has a strong negative effect on the gastrointestinal tract.

Drinking large quantities of the fruit (by the way, to achieve the results you need to eat about 4 pieces) violates the protective function of the intestine. The method does not guarantee the achievement of 100% results. For vasoconstriction than vitamin C, can be applied drop in body temperature. For example, hold your feet in cold water before going to bed.

But instead of the desired delay of period it’s a danger to get to a hospital with an inflammation of the ovaries.

When the patient takes care not only about the need how to delay period naturally, but also to maintain his health, he should eat foods containing vitamin K.  The most famous and well absorbed by the product containing the title compound is pepper water.

Its decoction has many healing properties, positively reflected in the woman's body. In addition, as you know, it is able to delay the start of menstruation. To obtain the necessary drinking, you should pour 2 tablespoons of dry powder into two hundred milligrams of boiling water, and then leave for the night to have a good brew. Ready broth should be boiled once again, cooled.

Then you have to get rid of pop-balance and take 70 mg three times a day. To achieve the desired effect and move the date of menstruation, you have to take this “tea” for several days before menstruation; it is advised to do this for one week before the menses begin.

Even in ancient times, this plant was often used to stop the bleeding. It also was used to delay menstruation. Of course, the complete cessation of menstruation couldn’t be reached, but it gave the ability to postpone it of a day or two.

If you want to try this method, drink 100 ml of nettle infusion thrice a day.  Bear in mind that this method is completely safe. Medication have side and may cause allergies, what about the nettle, it is completely natural and safe. No harm to your reproductive system!  

Most gynecologists believe that any effect on the menstrual cycle with a view to reduce or increase may lead to a large number of hormonal disruptions. This will cause even more harm to health. Remember to consult a doctor if you suspect any harm to your woman’s health.