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Stopping Periods: Forewarned Is Forearmed

Stopping Periods: Forewarned Is Forearmed

Perhaps, most women have faced in a situation when they want to postpone the period at least for a few days. Competitions, wedding in the church, planned surgery or more trivial reasons like stop periods for vacation are a long awaited move, or expenses paid trip are reasons why women think about how to hold the period.

Is it worth doing this? The critical periods are a mandatory criterion of full-fledged women’s lives even teenage girls knows it. But there are circumstances when you simply need them to have passed quickly.

Significant cases why a woman may want to stop periods, it's too heavy menstruation. This may bring to anemia and neurological disorders at the same time. The discharge is considered abundant, if it number exceeds the allowable 50-150 ml.

The third reason to do so may be hiding in the duration of menstruation.

The healthy period is no longer than 7 days. If spotting continues after this period, do not disappear other typical signs of critical days, a woman must be puzzled by how to stop periods. It is likely that too long and intensive periods are a signal of woman's troubles:

  • Endometriosis;
  • Uterine fibroids;
  • Polyps;
  • Miscarriage
  • Bad blood clotting

How to Stop Having Your Period

There are simple remedies to stop your period for couple of days. But in order to push back the start of menstrual bleeding for a longer period you need hormones. In addition, in general exhaustion or malnutrition, stress you can forget about the question of "how can I stop having periods", they disappear for a few months themselves. Also affect the processes occurring in the body can be psychological methods: self-hypnosis and visualization of the desired result.

A number of drugs can speed up the continuance of critical days or shorten their duration. It is a safer intervention; it does not have pathological consequences (as with hormonal imbalance).

The question of "how to stop hawing your periods" should be resolved only in case of emergency, having a very good reason. If an occasion to discuss and find a solution is the vacation, weigh the pros and cons. Maybe it is better to use tampons and pain pills than to use hormonal potent drugs?

Stopping menstruation via pharmaceuticals

An effective way of stopping periods is contributed to this medication. No need to look complicated recipes and ingredients to spend time on cooking, enough to buy a ready means of a pharmacy. But before taking homeostatic drugs during periods, it is good to make sure that they do not cause allergies, as well as to find out the list of contraindications.


Guaranteed results provided by hormonal preparations containing progestins. You may begin to take them in the middle of the cycle. Most late start is 5 days before menstruation. On the day when the period is to begin, the reception is stopped. So it is possible to delay the period for a day or three days.

COCs with single-phase is prescribed to take one pill a day for three weeks. The effect of the delay menstruation occurs when the drug began to be used not later than three days before the critical days.

If the three-phase contraceptive, you need to eat a tablet on the third phase. At the same time there is no protection from pregnancy, but the period will start only after 2-3 days after the reception of the three-phase COCs.

Another good method is birth control pills. In order not to stop, but delay the onset of critical days women need continuous use of these medications. After using one package it`s OK, so that menstruation does not come, immediately begin the next one.

But you cannot use birth control pills for more than 2 months or you can literally answer to the question on how to stop periods forever. During this period, the possibility of conception is also minimal, as in the normal use of COCs.

Orgametril is used to suppress ovulation and menstruation. It is used 1 tablet, the number of days prescribed by the physician acceptance. Also, in order to move the period women take Exluton, Norethisterone and so on. Therefore, they must be used after medical consultation. General contraindications to oral contraceptive are sick liver, thrombosis, diabetes, circulatory disorders, as well as pregnancy.

Try to Adjust Your Natural Biorhythms

In the last 10 days before the beginning of the expected menstrual take an hour after breakfast, 0.4 g of vitamin E, which stimulates ovarian function. If you can, you stay on the head: it activates blood circulation in the pelvic organs and stimulates uterine bleeding due to postural (caused by the position of the body) drainage. A similar effect is given exercises such as "birch"

In anticipation of the period active indulge in pleasures of love and as often as possible to achieve orgasm: it causes a reflex contraction of the uterus and could provoke the next menstruation. It is in any case useful: A healthy sexual life relieves premenstrual tension and discomfort during menstruation

Specialists in biorhythms advise to call your body for help. Always sleep in total darkness, and only in the last 3 days of your menstrual cycle to artificially create the effect of a full moon. Include a weak (15 W) night light beside the bed or dim (40 watts) light in the hall, leaving the bedroom door open.

In a period of great mental stress when you have not enough sleep and are sitting at the computer for more than 6 hours a day, you need to take vitamins and minerals (they are needed to keep your ovaries and uterus in a good condition as they are responsible for the menstrual function). Take supplements, which include vitamins, lecithin, glutamic acid, Q10, trace elements - magnesium, copper, zinc and chromium.

Sit on a low-fat diet or by any means trying to lose weight. Expect delays. After all, sex hormones that regulate the menstrual cycle are made of cholesterol, which just are not fat-free products. And 15% of estrogen (the main female hormone) is produced in subcutaneous fat. The desire to dramatically reduce the fat stores of the body reduces the number and makes monthly increasingly rare, scanty and painful.


The drug stimulates platelet production. It is used in a variety of external bleeding, internal bleeding, and surgical interventions. Dicynonum is for women who suffer from heavy menstrual period for controlling the amount of discharge.

The dosage regimen is slightly different than the other preparations mentioned. Dicynonum tablets start drinking 3-4 units per day for 5 days before menstruation. It acts too quickly to other similar drugs after 1-2 hours. Dicynonum will actually answer the question on how to stop your periods.


This hemorrhagic product, essentially, is a concentrated vitamin K which is necessary for the body to normalize clotting.

With reception Vikasolum question of how to make the period end quickly, it can be considered a foregone conclusion. It is not able to stop them from day one, so do not start drinking pills in advance. But its hemostatic properties can significantly reduce the copious duration of critical days and improve the well-being of a woman.

If you take Vikasolum with the onset of menstruation to 30 mg per day, it will be faster. It's worth noting that the medication starts to act within 12 hours after ingestion. To normalize the number of discharge you must start taking Vikasolum a week after the end of the period. Then, following the critical days will not be torturing with a woman emission rates.


It is capable of more active blood clotting, so with the use of the drug can be shortened menstruation. In addition, Tranexam reduces pain, inflammation opposed to women's bodies, and has anti-allergic effect.

To obtain the desired result, the medication is best taken orally 3-4 times a day from the start of the critical days. Acting drug begins after 3 hours after that. A small increase in dosage is able to solve the problem of how to stop the monthly day. But the abuse of this opportunity should not be, it can be dangerous.


The drug effectively helps with injuries walls of capillaries, increases blood viscosity. Thanks to these capabilities, these homeostatic pills during menstruation will also be helpful. Just use 1-2 pieces 3-4 times a day to menstruation become less abundant, and soon end.

If a woman cannot use pharmaceutical preparations to stop periods, or there are doubts about them, there are many other ways how to make that critical day be passed quickly. Perhaps the preparation of such means takes more time, but they do not cause such a large number of adverse reactions and have no contraindications typical of pharmaceutical preparations. But use them too active is not worth it.